November 21, 2007

Reaching the Masses

One thing I love about blogging is that you can reach a bunch of people without being "published". It also means that you don't have to be a great writer to submit your ideas and opinions. And most importantly it's easy. But that doesn't mean that people will read your blog.

I was recently introduced to The Blog Readability Test by Justine Ungaro's blog. It is a service that analyzes your blog and tells you what the reading level of the person must be. I thought cool, I'll try it out on this blog.

It came back that my blog was at the reading level of college undergrad. I ran it on a few of my favorite blogs which include friends blogs and business blogs. The highest reading level I came back with was Junior High.

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I have no idea how this score is calculated, but I'm going to make an effort to make this blog easier to read. Chrystal is always telling me I say things in overly complex ways. Which just goes to prove that my wife is right again.
I also ran it on the blog I'm working for my business (currently unreleased) and this is what came back. But I'm not as concerned about it for this one because it's written for a very specific industry.


Tim Halberg said...

I'm just a little bit jealous seeing as my blog is at an elementary reading level... I'm gonna have to kick things up a few notches!

Maybe we should do food soon so I can get my brain working at a higher level?

Kevin Sturm said...

I can't figure out how they judge it. Number of pictures, length of post?

We do need to get together. I'm around till the 2nd so lets make sure we get together.

Deyl said...

dude... mine came back genius! i must have used the word aquisition or something to get that rating :)

Justine Ungaro said...

Congrats on being a genius, apparently I write like a 3rd grader. :)

maureen said...

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