July 1, 2006

It's good to feel appreciated...

I've been meaning to blog this for a while, but just haven't made the time. I started a new job about two weeks ago, and realized again that it feels go to be appreciated. As I was transitioning out of my old job and feeling a little bit like I had not fully suceeded in that role, I found at many ends people telling me how much they appreciated the work I had done.

About a three weeks ago a few of my former employees surprised me by taking me, Chrystal, and Brody out to dinner at Stella Mare's restaurant in SB. After dinner, each of them took time to express how I had helped them in their job, and had been a mentor to them. I was so surprised and it really made me feel better about what I had accomplished over the past 4 years. They also gave me some great gifts.

The following weekend was Father's Day, and that is a great day to feel appreciated when you're a dad. Chrystal planned a few special events for me, and that was a great as well.

As I started my new job two weeks ago, I also felt appreciated with so many co-workers expressing how great it was that I was working with them and bringing my expertise in hospitality technology to the Product Management group.

So, when you appreciate something someone does...tell them. You may just make their day.