November 3, 2006

Great company

So I just found this software that I think is about one of the greatest ideas ever. It's a "newer" company I belive, called Meebo. It's a website that allos you to chat via messanger - using your existing messanger accounts IAOL, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ). You should go and check it out at and enter your account info. All of your contact information is there as well...AWESOME! What a great idea...wish I would have thought of it.

I was also reading about the company a bit, and they do what's called a Meebo Meeting. Basically they let all their users know where and when the meeting will be, and it's a time to chat, meet people, and network. What's really fun is that they are doing the next one on the train they commute to work on. You can read about it on name!