August 13, 2007

Vegas Baby!

I was out of town for a couple of days and wasn’t able to blog. I actually missed doing it because I’m beginning to find it fun. I really need to get on being able to blog from my phone. I’ve got things all setup, just haven’t done it.

I spent Thursday through Saturday in Las Vegas, both for work and for a bachelor party. My buddy Ryan is getting married in a couple of months, so he decided to have a get together with friends for the weekend. It’s funny when I tell people I went to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, it automatically comes with all these assumptions. But we are really a pretty tame bunch so the weekend consisted of poker, blackjack, a round of golf (when it was 110 degrees!), and eating.

We also did a bit of beer drinking as well, but nothing excessive. We stayed at Monte Carlo and ate every meal at Monte Carlo Brew Pub because they had good food and awesome beer pitchers…it’s a huge tap!

I also played real poker for the first time…meaning with real money. I have played poker, but only goofing around with chips and friends…no money. I played “two-four” hold ‘em because I’m way too cheap to play “no limit”. I ended up winning about $25 on the first day and losing about $25 on the second, so I felt pretty good about things. I can’t say the same for my luck with blackjack…

We gave Ryan this crazy shirt that listed a bunch of things he had to do…but I had to leave before he could do them…bummer!

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