August 8, 2007

My Office Today

I spent today writing performance reviews, which is probably the thing I like the very least about management. Every year for review writing I go to Coffee Cat because I can focus without interruption, drink good coffee, have a yummy crepe lunch, and think about things.

Picture taken with my Cingular 8525.

I also got about 95% of the transition plan in place for my successor at Agilysys, which felt really good!


andy said...

thats a sweet office

Chrystal Sturm said...

So jealous! It was fun having lunch with you at 'the office'. Looking forward to more of those! :)

Tim Halberg said...

very cool!! I can't wait to start doing similar days of work myself! We just got an actual office, and it's great, but coffee days will be nice as well!! Maybe we can work together sometime! ;-)

Kevin Sturm said...

Timmy - Definetly. Whales Tail and Coffee Cat will be regular "offices" for me in the very near future.