August 5, 2007

Just Be Honest

Lately I've been reflecting on why I've been successful in my career so far. I think it's important to look back and review successes and failures when planning for how to be successful in the future. I also think that it's hard to be realistic with yourself because you may want it to be for reasons that it wasn't or isn't (like you are really smart instead of just really lucky).

After sending the message to my friends and family announcing that I was going out on my own I got some of the most encouraging responses. Every response was encouraging, even if it was advice on my logo or business name. But what struck me were the comments on why people said they knew I would be successful. The thing that stuck out the most was that they said I was honest.

Over my career of 9 (short) years I've made it a point to be honest with customers and co-workers, always. That means when I've screwed up or when it is really bad news for a customer, so be it. Bad news is often hard to deliver and hard to hear, but in my experience every customer was appreciative of the honesty. Sometimes it meant I lost a customer or had a really unhappy customer, but it also meant that person new I would be honest with them the next time. In a world where lies are abundant and facades seem to be the norm honesty is refreshing. And like any refreshing drink you want more of it.

A prospective client that decides on a separate contractor because you are honest about not being able to meet a requirement will come back again for a bid the next time...because you were honest.
Just be honest. Even if you lose a customer, you won't lose your integrity...and nothing is worse to lose.


Chrystal Sturm said...

Yeah, babe! What a great post. You are the most honest and hard working person I know. Thank you for your example. It's your heart, character and integrity that draws so many co-workers to you for advice, wisdom and friendship. And it'll be the reason customers will trust you and refer you to others! Love you!

Kevin Sturm said...

Thanks hon! And now everyone sees who my biggest encourager is.