February 20, 2007

Snow Day

For President's Day weekend Chrystal, Brody, and I went on our annual ski trip to Utah. My college buddy David has family in Salt Lake City that we stay with - which is great because it means we don't have to pay for a hotel. His father-in-law Frank also feeds us like kings every night, which is pretty awesome. The last night we had elk loin, which was so good. I'd never had elk before, and it very tender and flavourful.

We had another dream ski day this year with fresh powder. The white stuff fell all day long, so the snow stayed fresh the entire day. Check out the video of us shredding it up. The order of shredders is David Wold, Jeremy Wold, and then me. David turns into a "super-shredder" when the video camera shows up, and I turn into a wanna-be super-shredder. I had a few slide outs on this run, but had a great time. If you watch closely you can also see Jeremy's friend Lucas take a little jump off the side of the screen. The video was taken by Matt Miller, which means he didn't get on camera...which is a shame because he's a bad boy on the double planks.

Of the four of us, I'm definitely in the worst shape and the least talented skier. But, the three of them are nice enough to wait around for me when needed and tolerate my incecent "holy crap my thighs are burning" comments. Every time we go skiing it makes me wish that we lived closer to the mountains so I could do more skiing. It's one of those sports that I really do love, but only get to do it once a year...maybe twice at most. Some day I hope to ski 20 to 25 days per year...one can dream!

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