February 28, 2007

Get Networked!

"Your network is your net worth."

This is a quote from Tim Sanders book Love is the Killer App, and it's been something on the for front of my mind. I've been working on actively building my network recently, and it takes work. When you see it in a book, and talk to people about it, it seems easy. But what I'm realizing as I go through this process is Tim means more than just getting connected with all the people you know. I've been working on building my network with people I trust, share passions with, and feel that I can help me and that I can help. And that's the escense of the hard part, because the second really has to come before the first.

When adding people into my network, the best way to have them become a part of my network is by first giving of myself in some way...and that takes work. I'm already busy with work, with family, with fixing up the house, and living life in general...so it's hard. But I'm also finding that it's worth it, because it really does generate a return. Recently the people in my network have been sharing new ideas with me, and giving back.

One of the recent examples of this was feedback that was posted on my LinkedIn profile (I was working on my profile this week because of entry on Guy Kawasaki's blog about giving your LinkedIn profile an extremem makover). As I was making over my profile, I asked two people that I respect to leave feedback on me. Not only did they leave feedback within the same day, but the feedback was more than I could have ever expected. Here are both of them:

“Kevin was a senior Systems Engineer and was designated project manager for a major system installation at one of the country's largest indoor arenas. The project was technically complex, and the customer was challenging -- in part because it was really two customers, both a hockey team and an NBA team. Kevin managed a large team that numbered 20 or more at its peak and completed the project on time and within budget. He dealt with all of the extraordinary customer challenges as well as with what was then the largest ASP installation of point of sale in the world. Kevin's success led to his subsequent appointment as Field Services Manager, responsible for a team of nearly 50 people who installed the company's systems throughout the U.S. and the world. In this role he had four to six direct reports whom he had to lead, challenge and mentor. He quickly earned the respect of all who worked for him as well as a large customer base. Kevin is an intelligent, dedicated manager with an extraordinarly strong sense of responsibility. He gets the job done and wins the respect of customers and co-workers in the process. He is a man of exceptional character, and that character quickly becomes apparent to all who work with him.” February 27, 2007
Karl Willig, President & CEO, InfoGenesismanaged Kevin indirectly at InfoGenesis

“Kevin is a true subject matter expert in point-of-sale as it relates to the hospitality and food service systems management market. I have nothing but positive reviews to give in all aspects of our business relationship with Kevin, and would retain his services again at any time, without hesitation. Kevin consistently gets things done, and works well with our customers and clients. He has the experience and knowledge to overcome almost every obstacle that we encountered with client sites and difficult customers. I have never known Kevin to mislead either his customers or clients, nor his employer. He is honest and truthful to a fault, which is rare in today's business climate, and his ethics are beyond reproach.” February 27, 2007
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Ken Davishired Kevin as a Business Consultant in 2004, and hired Kevin more than once

Karl and Ken are two people I respect highly, and value their opinion and insight. So these were both recommendations that I am really grateful for.

Yo, Get Networked!

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Mary-Louise Boyd said...

I work for Guy Kawasaki, and I would like to thank you for your comments about Guy and his LinkedIn posting!

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