February 26, 2007

Road Show

I was just perusing this blog from a guy I know, Deyl, and found this cool website called TravBuddy. It highlights all the places you've traveled to, and lists the percentage of the world that you have traveled to.

I feel like I do a lot of traveling, and seeing that I have only been to 7% of the world makes me want to travel more.

Here is the list of places that I would like to go, and continue to update the places I've visited. These are in no specific order, as that order generally changes depending on the time of year and time of life.

1. Costa Rica
2. Brazil
3. Argentina (summer skiing)
4. Switzerland
5. France
6. Spain
7. Italy
8. Greece
9. Czeck Republic
10. Isreal
11. Egypt
12. Kenya
13. South Africa
14. Japan
15. Denmark
16. Russia
18. Ireland
19. Thailand
20. Botswana
21. Australia
22. New Zeland

I guess i better get going, because there are a lot of places I want to go!


Tim Halberg said...

I'm thinking that having been to Mexico and America... I probably won't come up with anything more than 1%!!! YIKES!

Deyl said...

sweet! you gotta make it to the seychelle islands too :)