March 16, 2008

Remember The Name(s)

I'm terrible at it. Absolutely horrible. When I meet someone it is almost for certain that 10 seconds later I can't remember their name. I know it is one of my worst traits and I hate it about myself.
Image provided by ArstySF
I'm envious of people that remember names because it comes natural and even more envious of those that have trained themselves to be better at it. I have tried almost all methods: say it 8 times in the next minute, word association, activity association, writing it down...none of it works for me.

It is important to remember someone's name for many reasons, but I think the most important is because it shows you care. Note I did not say it shows you listened. Listening is important, but caring is more important.

As I was trying to find a parking place at Church today I saw my new friend Dave from the Mammoth Ski Trip. I rolled the window down and yelled, "Hey Dave!" He came over and said, "Hey Kevin," and then looked in the back and said "Hey Brody, gimme five." It is important to note here that Dave had never met my son Brody. He had heard about him during our trip but never met him. He cared enough to not only remember my name but to remember Brody's name. He knew Brody was really important to me and it showed that he cared about that. I immediately felt like I was important to Dave...which made me feel great.

The next time you want to make someone feel like you care, remember the name(s) of people that are important to them...which will always include their own name.

And if you have any fail proof method of learning names please tell me...I would love to be better!


Andy said...

Hey Harry, Tell your wife Emily and your son Broxton that I say hello.

Actually Kevin, I want you to know that I admire you in so many different ways. You possess traits and skills that are outside of my personality, that I wish I was capable of.

I admire you and am envious of you in so many ways.

Brendan said...

Wive's names are important too....I have switched from always just saying "my wife" in a conversation and saying, "Kendra, my wife,...." Mentioning the names of the people important to you shows that you want that person to know you at a personal level. That in itself is the important other side to needing to be able to remember a name.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you liked my "remember" stone photograph enough to upload it to your blog.



Kevin Sturm said...

And thanks for image ArtsySF, and for commenting. Flickr is one of my favorite places to look for images.

I will keep using your photos when they apply if you are okay with it.