March 6, 2008

I'm a Stock Model!

I switched to a local bank recently after major frustrations with Wells Fargo. It's pretty awesome because two of the employees know me by name now when I walk in and I don't even have to give them my account number! (As a side note it's Wescom Credit Union and I would HIGHLY recommend them for your money.)

Yesterday I walked in to make a deposit and Jessie asked me what kind of consulting I did. I told her hospitality technology consulting and she says, "I only ask because I was on this site and there was a guy that looked exactly like you." I asked her for the site and last night remembered to go look. I don't think there is much similarity other than the hair style, but even Chrystal said the resemblance is pretty close. She is always saying I could be a model which is a load of bologna...but I love her for it!


Chrystal Sturm said...

I should mention that if you share an account with a rich person be prepared for many injustices! I really like Wescom too but they literally roll out the red carpet for Daddy Big Bucks and when I go to depost my $40 checks, I get a "Are you sure this is your account number?" looks! Kevin even has this fancy debit card and I have a boring, plain version. So rude. ;)

And I don't think I'm alone in thinking Kevin could be a super model. He's tall, thin and insanely gorgeous!! What a luck girl am I. OOXO

Tim Halberg said...

hahahaha... dude, at first glance I assumed that had to be you, then I read the post! too funny

Andy said...

what a bunch of bowe loan ya.
even tho, id do ya.

daddy big bucks? what a term of endearment.

you are a lucky woman, but not cause his money or his looks. his cuddling is top notch and worth the price of admission.

that dude on the left looks more like andy roddick, and you dont look anything like anyone named andy.

Though, andy roddick has a beautiful girl too. so maybe you have that in common.

Matt said...

Andy, you scare me. Kevin, I thought that was you in the first picture! I'm not sure what'd it'd be like to have bankers falling over me and people mistaking me for a model...oh well, my wife, baby, and dog still love me!

Andy said...

whats scary? kevy likes to cuddle, no?

Kevin Sturm said...

Andy you know I loved our cuddle time. Matt you should try cuddling with Andy some time. Remember that Friends episode where Joey and Ross have awesome naps...same thing. Chrystal fills that roll now and she is better than Andy...WAY better!

And for the record I'm hardly daddy big bucks. But being at a local bank is way better than a big bank. It is nice to be recognized. Experience is king.

|| davidjay || said...

dude! that's so you!!! .... your other life!