April 19, 2008

How Far Should I Take It

Out of curiosity to where it would go I responded to the French email I received. Here is what I wrote...

Dear Mr. Majeed,

It took me a while to understand your message, but I was able to translate it. I think maybe you didn't mean to send this to me since I'm not French, but since I was able to understand the message WOW! $20 million! Lucky you...and now lucky me for maybe accidentally receiving your email. I think you are looking for americans to help you invest the money. If so, I am definitely interested! I mean even if I only get 1% that is a lot of money. How do I go about helping you and me make a bunch of money?


This morning I received this message back. (Click on the picture to open a more readable version.)
This kills me because who would honestly believe this?! But now I'm intrigued because I'm curious how far this could actually go. What do you think, how far should I take this?


Tim Halberg said...

I've booked multiple weddings with phishers such as this guy. I've got "bank checks" upwards of 15-20k booking me for Feb. 31.... FEB 31!!!!!! hahahahahaha

I stopped attempting to "scam the scammer" when I took it so far with one guy for the Feb. 31 wedding that he was actually calling me multiple times a day on the phone... yeah, it got annoying.

But really, it's fun to scam the scammer: scambaiting - http://www.419eater.com/

brendan cosgrove said...

I think it might be more trouble than its worth. You already know his game. You've done the responsible thing and let people know about the scam so they hopefully won't fall for it.

Andy said...

ive seen a story about the lengths of such scams. I think it was in the book called "spam kings"

whaddup cosgrove!!!


Buy him a ticket to come to America then we'll KILL him
just kidding cool blog btw Thanks

Joshua said...

I think the smartest (or most fun) thing to do is to give him the contact info for someone you're currently frustrated with, then see what happens. :)

I'm only kidding, of course... ?