February 13, 2008

Ideas Excite Me!

I just had coffee with my friend Carter Crockett, a business professor at Westmont College. If you have read my LinkedIn profile you know talking about new ideas is one of my favorite things to do. Carter and I had this great conversation about a new business idea and I can hardly get my brain to stop working out the details so I can focus and do work for kevin sturm Consulting clients.

One of the biggest changes in my life since quitting my job has been how I think differently. Versus being mired in all the "things" and "problems" that dominated my day and my brain, I am free to dream about new and fun ideas. Your brain really can do amazing things when you stop trying to force it to do something it doesn't want to.

If you have a new business idea you want to talk about, invite me to coffee. I love hashing it out even if it never happens! I'll even buy!


gabriel ryan said...

hey kevin. the next time i am in santa barbara, i think i need to buy you coffee. i know you said in your post that you would buy, but i think i could offer a few bucks to bounce some ideas around.

Kevin Sturm said...

Gabriel. I'm in. Shoot me an email the next time you're in SB.

Tim Halberg said...

shoot... I have several ideas... just no capital!!

And besides, I like doing breakfast with you.

Let me know when we can go!

Kevin Sturm said...

How about next week on Wednesday?

Andy said...

Ive got a good idea, I think, one that microsoft hasnt stolen yet. Tho, ive had this one for more then a year and havent done anything with it yet. And you can't steal it. i'm not telling.