December 20, 2007

Is There a Past Tense of Except?

I was reading my friend Tim's blog (he's an awesome photographer in Santa Barbara) and found this picture. He took it while in a WalMart in Torrence, CA. Seriously, how does this happen?


Brendan Cosgrove said... I will give them a chance and say that lots of people get "accept" and "except" confused...but they didn't even spell "excepted" correctly. So sad. I cringe when I see this or when I hear a pastor say "funner" or "I'm doing good." ARG!

gabriel ryan said...

i am thinking maybe they were trying to morph the words "executive" and "accepted" and voice their disapproval for upper-class-executives, and appeal more to the working-class-individual

Tim Halberg said...

haha... so you got the two mistakes now from your comments... they spelled either Except or Expected wrong depending on which way they were confused... and then they confused accept with except