October 6, 2007

Life Is Beautiful

I'm working on figuring this self-employment life out and feeling pretty confident about it. But there are always things that come your way that you don't have "a plan" for. About 10 weeks ago one of those things came my way. Chrystal and I found out we are pregnant!

What an absolutely awesome day it was. I had just gotten home from a trip and Chrystal surprised me with a special message that night. It was such an awesome memory and we are so excited.

We taped the first ultrasound and sent out a message to friends and family announcing that we were pregnant. Seeing your baby on that screen when it is so tiny with arms and legs and everything is so amazing! Life really is beautiful.


Cat said...

What exciting news! Congrats on the pregnancy.

Kevin Sturm said...

Thanks Cat we are super exicted!