September 28, 2007

I'm So Bummed!

So I'm sitting hear tonight and went to check my bank account and make sure things were in order...and this is what I see. Oh jeeze! Nothing like getting information that you don' thave access to your bank information for 48 hours.

Before a bunch of people tell me I should be banking with an established brick and moter bank, I've had an account with Netbak for over seven years and loved every second of it. If I had a problem they resolved it immediately and they had the best bill pay program I've ever seen. I'm so bummed. Given current circumstances and that every bank now has online bill pay I'll probably switch...but we'll see how ING handles the transition.

Here's the kicker, your bank has no responsiblity to inform customers that they are in trouble and will be shut down by the FDIC. I understand why but it still sucks!

If things do go South I'll be creating a blog to raise money, so everybody be reading!


|| davidjay || said...

whoa gnarly - you're always welcome up here at the Freedom house!

Kevin Sturm said...

How 'bout we just move in next week!? You'll have to allocate extra room though for the pending addition to the Sturm troop. Oh, and you should put anything fragile at last four feet off the ground, two-year-olds love expensive things. Also, probably want to only have furniture that you can remove the cover and wash. We'll see you next week.!

Jim Brown said...

You are so bumed that you shot a 114 at Bear Creek Golf Course!

Kevin Sturm said...

I have no idea who this Jim guy no one believe him.

Jim Brown said...

I have the score card and pictures.