May 27, 2006

Thought I was a "CREEPER"....

So my father-in-law is in town for Memorial Day weekend, and the whole fam went to dinner the other night at of the great restaurants in all the world. After dinner, Chrystal and I were going to see X-Men The Last Stand with her dad. Since the whole family was there, Cara had offered to babysit she took him back home. When we got to the movie, the 9:25 showing was sold out. The 9:55 showing we decided was too late for us old folks, so we just went home.

When we got home, the house was really quite and I figured Brody was asleep but could't find Cara. So I went to see if she had gone over to the neighbors place (she's staying there while Chrystal's dad is in town), but she wasn't there either. I then went upstairs to she if she had gone to her room, but was "creeping" up the stairs so I wouldn't wake up Brody. As I hit the first landing of the staircase that leads to Brody's room, I heard the door begin to open so I turned to see if it was Cara. Cara came out of Brody's room, gasped, and jumped back into Brody's room. I then realized I didn't just scare her, but that she thought somebody else was in the house...and when she saw that they were big she just really freaked out.

When things calmed down, I asked her why she didn't lock the door and grab the Louisville Slugger on Brody's shelf. She said she didn't know what to do, but knew that she needed to get out of the room so that who ever was in the house didn't know that Brody was there...which I think is just about the bravest thing I've ever seen personally. Tiny Cara was going to meet who ever was in the house face-to-face to protect Brody. I was pretty sure before, but after the other night was 100% positive that Brody has the best aunt of all time!

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